What Is Horsepower?

Most people hear horsepower and think about the force behind an engine. It is a must have for all men when their choosing a muscle car, truck, or sports vehicle. The horsepower is the vroom behind your acceleration. You choose the amount of horsepower by choosing from a unique engine type. How fast do you want to go?

That will be all depend on the force of the horsepower in your engine. You can choose from engines including a V-6 or V-8 with a specified amount of horsepower. However, the term horsepower comes from the efforts of one guy.

Horsepower is a termed coined in the 18th century, by famous inventor, James Watts. He believed in the brilliance of his new steam engine cars and needed a slogan to brand them to the public. His love for watching ponies later influenced him to use the term horsepower to present his new steam car engines to the automobile industry.

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