Celebrate Halloween in a Safe and Fun Way

Happy Halloween from those of us at Iverson Chrysler Center! Our staff members sincerely hope that the upcoming trick-or-treating holiday is all set to be one of the best yet in the Mitchell area. While there is only so much that you can do to ensure the safety of you and your family, we're eager to offer a handful of tips that can help guarantee a safe yet fun night for all involved!

  • Push young children in a stroller or pull them in a wagon to keep them close and safe.
  • Watch for children on the road as you drive your own children about.
  • Add lights of some kind to the costumes of your children.
  • Watch out for children who are dressed in dark costumes with no lights as you drive.

Do what you can to not only look out for your own children this Halloween but to also look out for other children on the road as you drive about. Do what you can to keep all of the children in the local area safe as they trick or treat around town this year!

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