Choosing the Tire that Best Suits Your Needs

Cars require a lot of maintenance from wiper fluid to tire rotations. Understandably, people may not think to customize their tires to their terrain when performing maintenance in their car. It requires a certain "know how" to choose the right tires, that's where the service team at Iverson Chrysler Center can come in handy with our experience and care.

Passenger tires offer high mileage ratings. Passenger tires also provide a wide range of benefits for different weathers and areas. All-season tires, which are a category of passenger tires, are made to withstand the weathers throughout the year. They give a generalized protection for each of the seasons. Living up to their name, winter tires do best in cold, snowy weathers. These tires may have metal studs in them to help in the snow. Everything about these tires is built for winter-like conditions.

Knowing how to find the right tire can be very difficult, you can find us in Mitchell, SD where we are more than happy to fit you with the tires best for your lifestyle!

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