Information and Automation in the Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger lets you customize your road experience with numerous types of suspension. Its standard Touring Suspension embraces the road during any maneuver. Sport Suspension increases the ride and handling by using a long-arm front suspension. With Bilstein® high-performance shock absorbers, Performance Suspension enhances sportier handling. Finally, Adaptive Damping Suspension lets you choose your suspension setting with Track, Sport, and Auto modes.

Know how your car goes with the 7-inch display of the Driver Information Digital Cluster Display, which reveals customizable performance information, vehicle status, and navigation. When you have the key fob with you, you can run the engine by pushing the Start/Stop button but only after you step on the brake pedal.

Why not experience the advantages of the Dodge Charger for yourself? Contact Iverson Chrysler Center in Mitchell, SD today and make an appointment for a test drive.

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