30,000 Pound Towing Capabilities With the 2018 Ram 3500

This heavy-duty truck is a popular vehicle because of the immense towing capacity. This truck gets more work done because of the cargo management system and the massive hauling potential. Extended mirrors and a camera for watching the cargo area provide peace of mind when transporting equipment, sports utility vehicles, and work materials.

30,000 pounds is nothing to sneeze at. The Ram 3500 provides serious power to remove debris from the job site, pick up supplies, and take the kids out for some weekend ATV riding. A Mopar heavy-duty fifth wheel hitch comes standard with this model Ram.

Locking cargo areas, a bed extender, and tie downs give you what you need to keep your cargo safe. Lighting in the cargo area makes it easy to see everything on the camera. Power extending mirrors incorporate turn signals. Take a test drive in Mitchell today. At Iverson Chrysler Center we will show you all the features.

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