The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection Service Boosts Suspension Performance

The Chrysler Mopar Vehicle Protection system solves the important problem of providing vehicle owners with extended levels of warranty coverage. This 35-year-old service does so through two separate plans that include the Maximum Care plan and the Added Care Plus plan. Mopar members enjoy access to the talents of certified technicians as well as genuine factory Mopar parts. In addition to the protective services, the Mopar system also provides many accessories that allow drivers to get more out of their vehicles.

One example of this is the Mopar Vehicle Protection service suspension accessories. This service offers at least three different stages of performance upgrades.

The Mopar Stage I suspension upgrade works well for sportier vehicle models. It works by lowering the center of gravity of such vehicles by up to several inches in order to enhance traction and grip. The Mopar Stage II suspension kits work well for vehicles subjected to rough riding conditions. It provides goodies such as jounce bumpers, shocks, shock isolators, and more. The Stage III Mopar suspension improvement provides yet another center of gravity lowering technology in the form of a coil over damper kit. This component can add to traction capabilities with improved cornering response.

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