The Ram 3500 is an innovative, definitive heavy-duty pickup truck that boasts high-quality, high-efficiency interior, exterior, and under-the-hood features for optimal durability and performance. Perfect for everyday errands and intense job sites, like construction or farm work, the 3500 is reliable, allowing drivers to get their work done while enjoying the smooth ride of a Ram.

Accessible in six unique models with turbo-charged inclusions, like the Tradesman and Big Horn, the Ram 3500 bolsters driver confidence with dynamic, durable features, like an optional heavy-duty 6.4L engine. Build-wise, the 3500 is forged from 50,000 PSI hydroformed steel with front and hind contours for secure, hold-fast placement of mounts and tow devices.

Named for a fierce, powerful dinosaur, the Ram 3500 is a positive beast of a heavy-duty pickup truck. The exterior is ferocious, the interior comfortable, and the power under the hood is unmatched, especially on the backroads of Mitchell, SD. Feeling wild? Come down for Ram test drive at Iverson Chrysler Center.

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