A minivan can look elegant. The Chrysler Pacifica never fails to impress. And the exterior style isn't the only thing that catches eyes. The exquisite interior design has much to offer. The interior features can very well impress.

The "Stow ’n Go" seating and storage concept will appeal to drivers interested in hauling personal cargo and taking many passengers on trips. Three interior rows of seats comfortable serve passengers. If you need more storage space, the third-row folds to allow it. Drivers who pursue hobbies on the weekend will enjoy the space, as will frequent travelers.

The intriguing "Stow ’n Vac" vacuum is a valuable accessory for those who like to keep the interior clean. Driving a coin-operated vacuum becomes unnecessary when a fully-functional one is built into the SUV.

A test drive in Mitchell, SD is a great way to experience the Chrysler Pacifica. The staff here at Iverson Chrysler Center, Inc. welcomes you to do so.

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