Durability is second nature to the Ram 1500, the newest light-duty pickup from this brand. The Ram 1500 upholds the brand's reputation for rugged endurance and easy handling. Discover what the Ram 1500 can offer to truck owners like you today.

Take a look first at the truck's innovative multi-swing bed gate. Unlike other trucks' gates, which must be lifted up and down with some effort, the split-swing gate on the Ram 1500 opens from the middle. You can swing it open to the right or left, depending on how you are working your cargo, to get the easiest access to the pickup bed.

Towing heavy items is also not a problem with the all-new Ram 1500. You can tow upwards of 12,000 pounds, making it ideally suited for transporting cattle, moving small equipment like backhoes, and even hauling heavy bales of hay and loads of silage from the barn to feed troughs.

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